Happy Monday! Time for Dog Walks in Brickell


We hope you all had a happy 4th of July!

What are you doing this week?  This week we have lots of fun planned and dog walks in Brickell.  Look for us!

Have a great sunny day.

You friends at It’s Always Sunny Dog Walkers

Located in Brickell area of Miami-Dade.

Now offering all types of Boarding services and cat visits while you travel.

Almost July 4th! Be Safe & Keep Doggies Safe!


Here are some pet safety tips from PetMD.com

  • Keep ALL pets indoors
  • Pets ARE NOT allowed to wear insect repellant
  • Alcohol is a NO NO for all pets and equals poison
  • Pets are scared of fireworks so leave them at home.
  • Make sure your pet is identified with collar and/or microchip.
  • Pets should stay away from jewelry that glows.
  • Please please NO PETS at all around fireworks.
  • No table food for your pet.
  • Matches and lighter fluid are super harmful to pets so be aware.
  • All oils and candles that keep bugs away are super SUPER harmful to pets and should be avoided.  Especially products containing Citronella.

Please please be safe and refer to the list above.  Wishing everyone a Happy & safe July 4th!

Your friends at It’s Always Sunny Dog Walkers located in Brickell, Florida.