Have You Seen a Dog Wearing a Yellow Ribbon?


Do you know what it means?  It basically means to stay away and proceed with caution.   There are many different reasons why a dog could be wearing the yellow ribbon.  One of the reasons is so that kids are aware that the dog may be afraid or have severe anxiety issues and that they should proceed with caution.   More information can be found by visiting the website of The Yellow Dog Project.

So the next time you are out with your four legged friend for a walk or at the dog park, if you see a yellow ribbon, now you know why and  you can educate others on this.

Let us know what you think.

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Ever Wonder What Your Dog Is Thinking?

We are now following the Today Show Pets who have so much valuable information.

Have you seen their posts?  If not check them out today.  They share great information every day that will help you out.  Check out their segment and video on what goes through your pets mind.

Is your pet happy? Sad?  Hungry?  Want to play?  So many things go through their head that we really don’t know.  So researchers are trying to find out.

Does your dog look like you?  Does your dog act like you?

Share your thoughts with us.


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IMG_9883 Storm! 

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Happy Sunday! Does your dog need exercise?

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